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Imagine picking a product off the shelf and a competing brand’s shelf display lights up to catch your attention…


Standard Edition

TouchingLight Standard Edition is a shelf display that lights up when customers either touch or select a product from the shelf. Even when customers interact with a competing brand on the shelf, your display lights up, catching their attention! TouchingLight can be used for so much more, it will definitely draw more attention to your brand, find out more below!

You can change TouchingLight's message in a second, simply slide a new label into the LED backlit display. Promote a new brand, product, idea, or dream up any message that will draw attention to your brand.

Launched in mid 2015, our patented LED display is quickly winning the confidence of renowned global brands.

The display briefly lights up and then fades away, using little energy and thus becomes an unaggressive nonverbal communication device. Further, it is portable and can be easily moved around in the shelf environment. The actual display is LED backlit only, meaning that normal labels of any message can be easily inserted into the display and changed regularly.


How does it work?

Through vibrations caused by taking a product off the shelf, the TouchingLight display briefly lights up, displaying the message in a bright light, shortly after it fades away using little energy. Hereby you're creating an opportunity to encourage a customer to make a last minute choice. TouchingLight increases the likelihood of sales for your brand. Furthermore, TouchingLight is portable and can be easily moved around on different shelves. The actual display is LED backlit, meaning that your normal labels can be inserted into the display and changed any time.

See TouchingLight in action

Why TouchingLight?

Applications and usage

Discount offer

Discount offer

Highlighting a reduced price
(i.e. 10% off or similar)

Alternative offer

Alternative offer

An alternative product is on offer
(i.e. could be a competing brand making a similar product, competing for market share)

Multi price

Multi price

If multiple items purchased
(Discount is given if buying more quantity of the same item)

Combo offer

Combo offer

Combination of items purchased together
(i.e. Chips reminded to buy dip, razor reminded to buy blades, coffee reminded of filters etc.)

Ecological choices

Ecological choices

Remind customers about an ecological alternative
(This product has eco labeling, like Fairtrade)

Marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns

Recipes are available for these items
(Buy product and get recipes for free)

TouchingLight Facts
TouchingLight Facts




Display can be easily attached to any shelf system



LED display: 95 x 50 x 2.3 mm



Panel is illuminated from the back and removable plastic holder is placed on top



Mercury-free, recyclable batteries



Sensor detects vibrations and sign lights up



Typical labels that are easy to replace



Can be easily and freely moved around the shop



No burden to the environment, no power wastage, as display only lights up when needed

Network Edition

TouchingLight Network Edition is a single display unit with Bluetooth connectivity that allows multiple displays to be connected to each other.

The Network Edition displays are "spread out", attached to different areas on a shelf system. When a sensor is activated, the display starts to light up in a sequence by having other displays light up at the same time, guiding the customer’s attention, presenting an offer of sorts.

  1. TL displays are attached to different shelves with different products
  2. Take a product TL sensor is activated
  3. TL displays are all connected and light up in a loop
    0.3 seconds between each TL unit



Case Studies

TouchingLight can already be found in retail stores across Sweden. Global and well-known brands in the beverage, dairy, tobacco and food industry are already using TouchingLight displays. Due to the ingenious way of grabbing customers’ attention at the time of the purchase decision-making, they are taking market shares.

  • Carlsberg
  • British American Tobacco
  • SB12

About Us

TouchingLight is a patented technology held by Swedbrand Group. Our innovation agency’s (Swedbrand Innovations) role is to develop and create patented technologies. Our key goal is to strengthen our customers’ brands. Our core is in packaging, but with freedom to venture beyond in order to serve our clients future needs. We currently hold patents for TouchingLight and TopFlow. For more information about Swedbrand Group and Swedbrand Innovations, visit

"We were looking for a portable shelf display that would catch the customer’s attention by being lit constantly. However, the life span of the batteries of such a device would be insufficient. By keeping a sustainable mindset, TouchingLight rectified this issue by lighting up for one second after sensing the vibrations from the shelf. One of the many usages for TouchingLight is that it can display whatever message the brand wishes to enhance in their marketing campaign. We wanted the display to be simple while covering the complex technical side, which was the filtering out the irrelevant types of vibrations on the shelves, caused for example by the normal buzzing sound found in most refrigerators."

Carlos de la Fe, Inventor, and Chris Magnusson, Director, Swedbrand Ltd.

Offices in

  • London
  • Stockholm
  • Shanghai
  • Hong Kong
  • Ho Chi Minh City
  • Tallinn

Swedbrand Group

Swedbrand Group is a global company focused on building brands through packaging.

Founded in 2006 by Swedish nationals, the company serves international clients in 17 countries.


Who we work with

We have the pleasure of working with some of the world’s leading brands as well as emerging entrepreneurial ones in Food & Beverages, Fashion, Retail, Luxury and Technology.


  • What is the size of TouchingLight Standard Edition?

    LED display: 95 x 50 x 23 mm

  • Is there more than one size? Can TL be customized?

    One size only. For other requests we can customize the size, if the quantity is above 500 units.

  • How long does the battery last?

    If you plug in the battery it will last exactly 120 days due to a clock in the device. If you unplug the battery the clock will stop, but as soon as you plug it back in, it will start again. I.e. If you unplug it at day 115, next time you plug it back in, it will start from day 115 again, and then continue counting down. At day 120 the display shuts off and has to be replaced with a new battery. This is a way to ensure that the light is always strong in TouchingLight.

  • Can customers change or charge the battery themselves?

    NO, the battery is supplied by Swedbrand Innovations and it is programmed to work with the device; no external batteries can be used.

  • What kind of paper should be used for the label?

    The label used is normal backlit paper. We use Optima backlit paper, 175 My thickness. This is a common label material for backlit panels. Many local printers can provide it (i.e. print shops that print business cards). The thickness can vary and it’s not important that it’s exact as above.

  • How does the light go off?

    There is a sensor, an accelerometer that senses vibrations caused by either touching products or the shelf itself. The display will pick up the vibration and signal the LED display to be turned on.

  • What are the delivery times for the Standard Edition?

    The Standard Edition can be shipped out immediately as we have stock.

  • Is there an MOQ for the Standard Edition?

    No MOQ, we can sell as little as one carton, which is 50 pcs.

  • What is the patent you hold?

    Light display that goes off by vibration.

  • Is there a way to secure TL at the shelf?

    Yes we can supply a secure way of fastening the device on the shelf. In our experience there is however very little theft of the device and may only be necessary in some markets.

  • Do you have any studies that prove an increase in sales?

    Yes, we do. The time of measure this is essential to have the numbers accurate. Brands may have TV campaigns or other efforts that push sales, but we have record that shows increase in sales up to 25% with certain clients. Sales increase can be experienced for those who are able to compare accurately. I.e. one customer within the tobacco industry experienced sales increase up to 25% by using the same shelf system at various stores. The test for their products was in 2 different gas station chains (all stores look the same). So they have been able to compare sales data at the same time.

  • What is the Network Edition?

    The Network Edition is a Standard TouchingLight with BLUETOOTH connectivity, which allows multiple displays to be connected to each other, meaning that when one goes off, another one will start blinking. The Network Edition connects 2 pieces. Excellent way of cross selling!

  • What is the maximum distance for the Network Edition to work?

    Depending on store layout. We have successfully been able to make the distance up to 10 m. However that is rarely the reality, the idea is to place them closer together so the consumers can see two different options at two separate shelves.

  • What are the delivery times for the Network Edition?

    Network Edition is by order, and the delivery takes approximately 6 weeks.

  • What is the MOQ for the Network Edition?

    Our MOQ is 100pcs (50pcs x 2, because we sell them in a set).